This week consisted of attending resource centers on campus; The writing and speaking center. Being an off-campus student and having to commute everyday I feel limit my comprehension of all the tools offered on campus for the benefit of my education. I have felt distant not being involved at this school and feel that the visits to the writing and speaking center have definitely made me realize the vast options of tools and resources available to students and to take advantage of such tools. I learned in the speaking center that there is a oculus system, a VR system that can take you to any building on campus; a technological advanced tool as most classrooms are not always available for practice and with this system you can visually/virtually practice your presentation in the room without having to be physically within that classroom. I was not aware of this tool and hope to use it to my advantage within the near future, as well as other resources offered on campus.

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  1. Have you talked to Caitlin about feeling isolated? Does she feel the same way? I wonder if talking to your other classmates could help you get more connected? Don’t forget the ECON Picnic this Monday from 3:30 to 5:30pm. 😉

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