I read an article this past week, titled; Latinos are more likely to believe in the American Dream but most say it is hard to achieve. I automatically found the topic intriguing as I believe the title statement is indeed true. The title was generated by a Pew Research Center 2016 survey of Hispanic adults. Around 77% of Hispanics stated most can get ahead with hard work, but 74% stated it is very/somewhat hard to achieve the American dream for Hispanics today. I did not find the results relatively surprising as growing up as a first generation American, I observed first hand the difficulties that lead to the conclusions surveyed above. What did surprise me however, were the two life goals rated most highly by Latinos; being a good parent, which 51% of Hispanics voted as being their top priority, and 49%  having the resources to provide for their family. Seeing the different priorities classified as the American dream by other Hispanics was quite surprising to me, as I had always considered a different priority for myself as the American dream; Education. It led me to wonder what specifically my mother classified her American dream to be. I proceeded to ask her, and caught her by surprise as I had never asked her this direct question. She classifies the American dream differently from the results the survey concluded. Although she owns a house, and lives comfortably financially, the hard work she endures on her body everyday is not what she imagines the American dream to be. My mother identifies her American dream being educated (working smart not hard), and providing the best condition for her family, which is where I believe I have gained my roots of achieving the American dream.

Latinos are more likely to believe in the American dream, but most say it is hard to achieve


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  1. Very thoughtful post. I love the way you compared the views expressed in the article with your own views and then your Mom’s. You might find Emily SA’s post on a similar topic interesting.

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