Blog Post 9/7

Ragged Dick has become one of my all time favorite books. Transitioning to college has been pretty rough to say the least, and being assigned to read this book was almost coincidentally perfect timing. I have to admit, when I first picked up the book and began to read some chapters, I was not hooked or very impressed. A few chapters in, and I was completely devoted in understanding the novel. I felt motivated and strived for Dick’s ambition. Although there were many scenarios in this novel that were deemed unrealistic and purely a result of luck, I still felt Dick’s motivation to become a better version of himself for a better future was true and an accurate reflection of many, including myself. Dick started from nothing, and although he did not become rich by the end of the novel, he became comfortable by working hard and smart. Ragged Dick reminds me most of my hard-working mother, and she is my biggest motivator. I had forgotten why I worked hard all these years when I started college, and this novel reminded me of the goals I have to accomplish and my loved ones who support me.


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