Political Affiliation and Education Trends.

With Midterm elections approaching, I was explaining to my mother how election trends show that people who receive a higher education genuinely tend to vote more liberal than people who receive less education. However, I was not able to statistically support my statement, and didn’t even know how true that statement was, as I simply could not even recall how I knew that statement. With some research, I found an article that supported that indeed my statement was accurate, and now I was able to support my statement statistically through a Pew Research Poll. However, from what I learned of this week’s presentations, conservative and liberal principals don’t accurately reflect why this is a trend, since conservative values often try to benefit the rich and higher middle-class while liberal values often try to benefit the lower middle-class and poor. A college degree often means you will earn more money than people with less education such as a high school degree, so why are people voting for the opposite parties that don’t represent their economical statuses? And so I believe I have developed my research question.

A Deep Dive Into Party Affiliation

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