The American Dream is Indeed Harder to Find, in Low-Income Neighborhoods.

I was assigned to read the article, The American Dream is Harder to Find in Some Neighborhoods, in which I already agreed upon the topic, but this topic definitely reinforced my opinion. I had already significant background knowledge upon the topic, as I had to research the topic about how economic inequality affects low income neighborhoods for the liberal presentation I was apart of. However, this article brought a different technique in showing precisely and more visually economic inequality is affecting low income neighborhoods through the Opportunity Atlas. The Opportunity Atlas shows a map of the United States and if you live in a lower income neighborhood or household, you will less likely move up the economic ladder. I also was surprised that it was harder to escape economic statuses on the East Coast, rather than living more towards the West, which I would’ve thought the opposite. It was an interesting perspective and think this innovative tool will help guide economists and people in power to help propose solutions upon the issue of low-income neighborhoods and regions.

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